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MacArthur & Baker International

About Us

MBI is known for its innovativeness, dedication to client service, conceptualization and implementation of original ideas, as well as its worldwide coverage and experience. MBI is also partnered with some of the largest financial institutions in the world, and with several international financial organizations

Our Corporate Philosophy

At MBI, we measure service not by conformity to specifications but rather by meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our corporate philosophy of, “Quality. Innovativeness. Timeliness. Responsiveness. Value.” embodies this vision.

Quality: Our top priority is to provide high-quality services and to commit our total dedication to our clients.

Innovativeness: MBI is known for its creative solutions to complex problems. We take pride in our innovativeness, and our ability to create appropriately tailored solutions to solve our clients’ business situations/problems.

Timeliness: Also key to client satisfaction is the ability to speed deliverables to their door. We strive to present our findings and recommendations in sufficient time to achieve maximum impact and to meet the needs of decision-makers and other users.

Responsiveness: MBI has in place effective mechanisms to anticipate client needs and to respond with innovative, tailored solutions. Keeping communication channels open is the most important mechanism we use to stay responsive to our clients’ needs.

Value: MBI emphasizes affordable services. Combined with our quality, innovativeness, timeliness, and responsiveness, our services are a true value in every sense of the word.

International Coverage: Extensive international coverage includes project formulation, project initiation, and project implementation experience.

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